How Can We Help

We would be pleased to help you with your electronic signature and digital deal requirements.

As a commercial law firm specialising in tech and corporate deals we are used to dealing with the fast moving project requirements of clients and working with new technology and processes as part of getting deals completed quickly and efficiently. Covid-19 has made it much more challenging for businesses and their advisers to transact and it is more important than ever to embrace and work with new technologies, such as electronic signatures, to keep business going and support our wider economy.

Our services in relation to electronic signatures and digital deals include:

  • Expert advice and guidance on the law in relation to English, Scots and US law contracts – whether it is advising on a document already e-signed or providing policy advice on how you as a business can move to e-signing with your contracts and processes;
  • Review and revise documents to ensure they comply with e-signature legislation;
  • Run your commercial deal from start to finish as a digital deal – whether you have 2 parties or 200, we can help arrange for all commercial documents* to be signed using electronic signatures and help you plan accordingly and liaise with other law firms that may be involved;
  • Offer our e-signature platform, Docusign, to clients to sign various contracts and documents as they require from share option schemes to customer contracts to employment contracts – even if we are not involved in the drafting; and
  • Managing the e-signature of documents for a wide variety of transactions.

We would be happy to give you a fixed fee quote for all assistance with your electronic signature and digital deal requirements. Please get in touch with a member of our Digital Deals Team or contact Hannah Brazel at

*Please note that certain documents must be “wet-ink” signed for legal reasons. More details are available on our House Policy section of this Digital Deals Hub.